ITT Corporation


Values and Vision
Our people are at the center of all we do, and our values of Respect, Responsibility and Integrity are central to who we are as a company. Our values are also the foundation of The ITT Way, which is our model for how we create enduring impact for all of our stakeholders.

Governance and Ethics
Driven by our values of respect, responsibility and integrity, we are committed to operating fairly and conscientiously, and to developing empowered employees guided by policies and systems that support this goal.

Employees and Workplace
We focus on workplace safety and employee training and development, and strive to make ITT even more inclusive and welcoming.

By lowering emissions, cutting energy use, improving product design and reducing the use of hazardous materials, ITT is focused on environmental sustainability.

Community Involvement and Philanthropy
At the global, national and local level, ITT has a strong heritage of community involvement and helping people and organizations in need.

Product Stewardship and Supply Chain
ITT is committed to minimizing the impact our products have on their users and on the environment.
Create, Grow, Sustain
2017 Sustainability Report

At ITT, we know that sustainable practices can help us serve our customers more efficiently and effectively.

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