ITT Corporation


Reduced Use of Resources

We are actively creating environmentally conscious operations by reducing the use of natural resources and hazardous materials, increasing our use of recycled materials and cutting the generation of waste, supported by our company-wide commitment to Lean Six Sigma.

Minimizing CO2 Emissions

ITT is seeking to reduce consumption of electricity, natural gas and other fuels, and investigating ways to substitute renewable energy.

Minimizing Wastewater Usage

We are committed to all aspects of sustainability, including our use of water resources. Our core focus is on optimizing our efforts internally to ensure our operations have strong resource conservation and wastewater discharge management and reduction programs in place.

ITT is also upgrading our systems to minimize water use and improve waste management processes at our factories worldwide. Most often this is achieved through process management and dedicated treatment systems, including advanced filtration, ion exchange and reverse osmosis systems.

Addressing Incidents

ITT takes responsibility for our people, offices and manufacturing facilities. We are firmly committed to addressing and remediating any incident that occurs, using root cause analysis and thoughtful actions to appropriately eliminate or minimize risks to employees and the communities where we live and work.

In 2012, we enhanced our capabilities by deploying a new internal incident/case management system across the enterprise that not only tracks incidents, but also near misses and required remedial action plans.