ITT Corporation

Employees and Workplace

Inclusion and Diversity

At ITT, we value different ideas, opinions and experiences and are committed to sustaining a culture of diversity and inclusion. We are focused on building a workforce that mirrors the world in which we do business, and we follow hiring and promotion practices that create equal opportunities for new hires and current employees. With people at the center of all we do, we continually encourage an environment of trust and openness that leverages the talents and diverse thinking of all employees and offers them opportunities to realize their full potential.

Workplace Safety

The ITT Environment, Safety, Health and Security (ESH&S) team provides for the systematic control of workplace risks and drives continual improvement of environmental and occupational safety and health performance at all our sites around the world.

We are challenging ourselves to continually reduce injury frequency and severity by engaging employees in our "Accept Only Zero" safety accountability system and fostering an environment where employees take responsibility for their actions and have access to tools and training to work safely.

Fair Labor Practices

At ITT, we strive to treat all employees equitably, with the respect and dignity we all deserve. We adhere to the International Labour Organization (ILO) Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.

Fair Labor Practices
  • ITT has always respected employees' right to bargain collectively within the requirements of the law, and we are partnering more closely than ever with union leaders to address labor issues at our sites.
  • ITT pays its employees fair and competitive rates everywhere in the world. We provide competitive benefits packages that meet the diverse needs of our employees throughout their working careers, and at various stages of life.
  • In the area of human rights, we adhere to the International Labour Organization (ILO) Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, which calls on countries and companies to abolish child labor. Our company has never — and will never — employ slave or child labor, and we work diligently to maintain fair labor practices around the globe.

Human Rights Policy

ITT fully supports and adheres to the principles of both the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations Global Compact wherever we operate. The ITT Human Rights Policy is posted on this website and on the internal intranet portal accessible by employees. The ITT Code of Conduct also restates our commitment.

As stated in the Code of Conduct, ITT seeks business partners who share these commitments and we are working on supplier/partner self-assessment and reporting frameworks, as well as clear Supplier Expectations and contract language further establishing our standards.