ITT Corporation

Keeping Railcars Running Across Denmark

Located between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea, Denmark gets its fair share of salty snow and rain. Whether it is coming down from the sky or being splashed up from the track, this salt spray plays havoc – mainly by accelerating corrosion – to the exterior parts of trains that are exposed to the elements.

Electrical connectors are one of the key components that have to operate flawlessly in the outside elements as these trains race along dirty, wet and snow-covered tracks. The connectors run between the railcars to deliver critical power signals – for lighting, entertainment and more – from the front of the train to the back.

Recently, the country’s largest rail operation – Danske Statsbaner (DSB) or Danish Railways in English – went looking for a way to upgrade its electrical connectors to minimize the risk of railcar damage and unplanned downtime due to corrosion. In response, our design team responded with a customized solution that features two connectors – the Veam FCRCIR and the Cannon CA Bayonet – that not only seamlessly marry with existing technology on each of the railcars, but are better suited to withstand harsh weather.

The connectors are protected from the environment – and vice versa. They are in compliance with Europe’s most stringent environmental standards. Together, the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive and the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) regulations are aimed at reducing the use of hazardous substances in electrical equipment and chemical substances of high concern because of their potential negative impacts on human health or the environment.

With its solution, the CCT team has ensured that Danish Railways has the electrical connectors it needs to stand up to – and for – the environment in Denmark. For this customer, it’s an edge that will keep their trains and its business on track, helping ensure safe transportation across the country.