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ITT Enidine Keeps People Moving

Whether in a subway or a busy office building, pedestrian turnstiles receive high volumes of traffic. For turnstile manufacturers, it is important to have shock absorbers that smoothly and consistently dampen the rotational movement while preventing the bars of the turnstile from swinging too quickly or banging at the end of the rotation.

ITT's Enidine brand small bore and mid-bore series shock absorbers are well known for meeting the requirements of harsh, high-cycle conditions and consistently delivering energy absorption to the turnstile mechanism. Just as importantly, is the ability to leverage our engineering expertise and to work with the turnstile manufacturers in designing and developing products that can selove their critical applciation needs.

Recently, while developing a wheelchair accessible variation of a turnstile, it was discovered that the shock absorber needed to provide more resistance to the increased mass and forces being applied during its operation. Given that redesigning the unit would be costly and time consuming for the manufacturer, our ITT Enidine engineers designed modifications that would allow the standard shock to handle the larger mass and drive force requirements of the wheelchair accessible turnstile.

Innovative thinking is standard practice at ITT Enidine and we are proud of the long-term partnerships we have developed with our customers. For more information on our ITT Enidine brand, please visit our website.