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ITT Night Vision Introduces a Revolutionary Way to Capture Night Experiences on Film


    ITT Night Vision Introduces a Revolutionary Way to Capture Night Experiences on Film

        ROANOKE, Va., Oct. 10 /PRNewswire/ -- Have you ever taken a picture in the
    dark?  Without a flash?  Or used your camcorder at night?  Without any
    lighting?  You can now, using a new product from ITT Night Vision.
        ITT Night Vision, the industry leader in night vision technology, recently
    introduced the ITT Night Cam(TM) 300 and 310 -- versatile night vision units
    that are adaptable for use with camcorders and 35mm cameras.  According to
    Elaine F. Tuttle, vice president and director of commercial products for ITT
    Night Vision, "The Night Cam 300 and 310 serve two distinct purposes.  First
    and foremost, they operate independently as quality night vision monoculars.
    And secondly, they're camera-adaptable and are intended to capture night
    experiences on film or video."
        The marriage of night vision technology to the camera or camcorder opens
    up an unexplored range of photographic opportunities to amateur and
    professional photographers.  Photography and video created with night vision
    technology is almost otherworldly.  And using quality night vision equipment
    to peer through layers of darkness at a green, glowing environment in near-
    daylight conditions is a novel experience.
        When to Use It
        The ITT Night Cam 300 and 310 can be used for safety and security reasons
    by home owners, boat owners, law enforcement and security officials.  Wildlife
    enthusiasts can also take advantage of the technology to observe creatures
    when they are most active, without disturbing them with flashlights or other
    lighting apparatus.  Night vision can also be used as an aid by those
    suffering with night blindness.
        Night vision is exciting to most people because it revolutionizes how they
    see and what they are capable of doing in the dark.  And now, individuals can
    do more than just see things in the dark, they ran film them.  Without
    lighting of any kind, the ITT Night Cam can document recreational, animal and
    even criminal activities occurring in the dark.
        How the Night Cam 300 and 310 Work
        The compact ITT Night Cam 300 and 310 work in the dark by collecting
    minute amounts of undetectable light and intensifying them, creating near-
    daylight conditions through the eyepiece.  The Night Cam 300 uses Generation
    II technology, while the 310 model features Generation III technology.
        Independent of a camera or camcorder, the ergonomic unit operates as a
    hand-held, night vision monocular.  However, those wishing to document their
    night vision experiences can simply remove the rubber eyecup and attach the
    unit to a camera or camcorder using the locking adaptor bracket and step-up or
    step-down rings.  The Night Cam 300 and 310 are designed to work with a
    variety of lenses as well.  Users can remove the unit's objective lens and
    attach their favorite lens to the Night Cam's C-mount lens.
        ITT Night Vision products include ITT Night Mariner for recreational and
    commercial boaters, ITT Night Quest for public recreational use and ITT Night
    Enforcer for law enforcement.  ITT Night Vision is based in Roanoke, Va. and
    is a division of ITT Defense and Electronics.
        Headquartered in McLean, Va., ITT Defense & Electronics is a leading
    supplier of high technology commercial and defense electronic systems,
    semiconductors, standard and customized connectors and operations and
    maintenance services, with customers in avionics, data, communications,
    information systems, military/space and transportation.
        ITT Defense & Electronics is a business unit of ITT Industries (NYSE:
    IIN), a leading worldwide diversified manufacturing company, with 1995 sales
    of $8.4 billion from its three primary business segments: automotive, defense
    & electronics and fluid technology.
        In addition to the New York Stock Exchange, ITT Industries' stock is
    traded under the symbol IIN on the Basel, Bern, Frankfurt, Geneva, Lausanne,
    London, Midwest, Pacific and Paris exchanges.  More detailed information on
    ITT Industries is available online at
    SOURCE  ITT Industries

    CONTACT: Sandra Coan of ITT Night Vision, 540-362-7311, or Millie
    Rogers of ITT Industries, 703-790-6336

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