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ITT Bornemann launches the SLH-4U hygienic twin-screw pump


    Standardized pump provides cost effective solution for the food processing industry

    FRANKFURT, Feb. 25, 2016 – ITT Corporation (NYSE: ITT) announced today that its Bornemann brand has launched the SLH-4U, a new type of the proven SLH series hygienic twin-screw pump. The SLH-4U is a single-flow, self-priming positive displacement pump that can handle high viscosities, high pressures and sensitive media.

    The twin-screw pump technology utilized in the SLH series pump has become the hygienic standard in the food industry as it provides the ability to maintain high levels of sanitation and product quality across a wide range of food products. This technology also delivers superior levels of convenience and efficiency. Minimal maintenance is required as there is no metallic contact between the conveyor screw and pump housing. In addition, customers save time and cost because pumping and cleaning are processed within a single pump.

    The development of the SLH-4U is based on Bornemann’s years of experience working with customers and understanding the requirements of the food processing industry.

    In the SLH-4U, Bornemann is offering the advantages of a hygienic twin-screw pump in a more standardized design than the SLH-4G, which features a wider variety of technical enhancements. This gives customers a high-quality and cost-effective alternative to the SLH-4G in a wide range of applications.

    Using a modular system, the SLH-4U is available in three sizes with different screw sets to cover a conveyance range up to 150 m³/h and viscosity up to 1.000.000 cST.

    The SLH-4U design features include:
    • Cover and pump casing designed as one part, reducing the weld to one connection
    • Standard flange diameter
    • Hygienic o-ring elastomers
    • Component mechanical seal or cartridge design options available

    The SLH-4U addition provides customers with a comprehensive range of pumps for their manufacturing. The SLH twin screw pump series includes the following models:
    • SLH-4G – Engineered pump, customized solutions, aseptic
    • SLH-4S – Smooth handling, extreme viscosity
    • SLH-4P – High pressure
    • SHL-4U – Uniform, standardized
    • SLH-4D – Dosing
    • SLH-4V – Vertical solution, best particle handling

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