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ITT's Cannon brand showcases a new series of Universal Contact interconnects for right angle applications at Electronica 2014

Thursday, 6 Nov 2014

Universal Contact addresses growing demand for interconnects that incorporate a right angle mating design for applications including wearable medical devices

SANTA ANA, CALIF., Nov. 6, 2014 – ITT Corporation (NYSE:ITT) and its Cannon brand will announce a new offering of Universal Contact connectors for perpendicular/right angle configurations at Electronica 2014. Driven by the medical industry's growing need for a low-cost, reliable solution for right angle mating, ITT has designed this new technology to seamlessly link two printed circuit boards (PCBs) in a wide range of emerging electronic applications, including wearable medical devices.  

Today's modern medical devices require connectivity that can be easily mated and unmated without damaging the circuit boards. ITT's new Universal Contact design incorporates a sliding movement allowing for the two PCBs to be perfectly mated together, producing a low contact resistance. The new series of Universal Contact is compliant with RoHS standards, handles more than 2,000 mating cycles and provides more than 1.4N of force when fully deflected, ensuring a superior and reliable interconnect link between the two circuit boards.

"ITT Cannon's connectors power the intelligence in the world's most advanced medical equipment, relaying critical data for a variety of medical applications. While parallel printed circuit boards are common, there are certain applications across the medical industry and beyond such as LED light bulbs and remote controllers that require a right angle configuration, causing the traditional dry circuit contacts to become inapplicable," said Dickson Luk, director of marketing for ITT's Interconnect Solutions business. "ITT Cannon's Universal Contact was designed to meet the demand for a solution that can support right angle mating. This design opens up a new and wider set of applications for us to support, including wearable medical devices."

With wearable wireless medical device sales projected to reach more than 100 million devices annually by 2016, ITT's expanded product line will help meet this growing demand with solutions that are engineered to provide quality and reliability in the most critical applications.

ITT's Cannon Universal Contact will be showcased at ITT's exhibit at Electronica 2014 on Nov. 11-14 in Hall B4 Stand 428.