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ITT's actuation and rate control products on display at Aircraft Interiors Expo 2016

Monday, 4 Apr 2016

ITT's Enidine brand to showcase full line of aircraft stowage bin motion control and bin lift assist solutions.

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y., April 4, 2016 – ITT Corporation's (NYSE: ITT) Enidine and Aerospace Controls brands will showcase their portfolio of fluid control, ECS, stowage bin control  solutions at the Aircraft Interiors Expo being held April 5-7 in Hamburg, Germany. Enidine's selection of rate control systems, including its patented load sensing units, ensure smooth stowage bin deployment, easy passenger access and anti-slamming control while the ECS and Fluid control products provide higher efficiency noise control and higher reliability pumps.

"We're excited to showcase our innovative, modernized solutions for the aircraft industry at this year's Aircraft Interiors Expo. We pride ourselves on our dedication to trusted service and saving our customers time and money, while improving the passenger experience," said Steve Kim, Vice President and General Manager, ITT's Control Technologies Aerospace business.

Enidine began rate control production in the late 1980's and has since become an industry leader for major aircraft manufacturers. Utilizing lighter-weight plastics and aluminum components, these products increase fuel efficiency, decrease maintenance and install time, and help improve the performance and capacity of fixed and drop-down stowage bins. At the Aircraft Interiors Expo, Enidine will highlight its unique solutions, including:
  • Load Compensating Rate Control – Utilizes a quick connect system for ease of installation and maintenance, while compensating for bins loaded up to 100 pounds carrying capacity.
  • Rotary Hinge Dampers – Composed of an all-plastic construction, allowing for maximum weight reduction, while maintaining strength to accommodate the high demands of daily passenger use.
  • Actuators and Bin Lift Assist – The latest innovation to allow flight attendants and passengers assistance in closing today's larger and higher capacity stowage bins.

With over 50 years of experience in passenger comfort products for aircraft manufacturers,  the recent addition of Environmental Control Systems (ECS) products to ITT Aerospace Controls adds to our already vast product offerings to the aerospace market, including:
  • Cabin Air Noise Control Systems –Environmental Control System rigid silencers and flexible mufflers custom designed to reduce noise at specific frequencies.
  • Low Pressure Composite and Elastomeric Ducting – Our low weight, rigid and flexible solutions provide various integrated design solutions for cabin air distribution
  • Potable water pumps – Our water pumps are highly reliable, capable of running over 1,000 hours dry and can be powered by a wide range of 115 VAC input frequencies making them suitable for nearly every application.
  • Aircraft Temperature Control – ITT's air and floor heaters are designed to heat specific areas of the aircraft (such as crew rests, cockpit and galleys) to ensure localized temperature control and comfort.

ITT Enidine and Aerospace Controls representatives will be available for meetings during the Aircraft Interiors Expo at Booth 6C30. For more information on Enidine's unique solutions and applications for fixed-wing aircraft programs, please visit Enidine online at  For more information on Aerospace Controls Fluid and ECS products, please visit