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ITT's Motion Technologies business joins global Stop the Crash Partnership

Tuesday, 4 Apr 2017

Business teams with road safety consortium to advance adoption of vital crash-avoidance technologies worldwide

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y., April 4, 2017 – ITT Inc.'s (NYSE:ITT) Motion Technologies business has joined Stop the Crash (STC), a global partnership promoting automotive crash-avoidance technologies and working to reduce road traffic fatalities worldwide.

The Motion Technologies business, which specializes in friction materials and other critical automotive braking technologies, will support STC's mission to promote key crash-avoidance technologies in an effort to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which aim to halve the number of global traffic deaths and injuries by 2020.

"Modern automotive technologies, like autonomous emergency braking systems, can literally mean the difference between life and death for countless drivers and pedestrians every year," said Luca Martinotto, head of research and development for ITT Friction Technologies.

"As a manufacturer of highly engineered automotive brake and damper technology, we are very excited to support Stop the Crash's critical safety mission, whether through working to encourage governments around the world to adopt the highest safety standards for new vehicles, or sharing the insights and experience we've gained as a global manufacturer of automotive safety technology."

ITT's Motion Technologies business brings decades of experience in research, development and manufacturing of brake, damper and other automotive safety technologies to the partnership. STC is led by Global NCAP, a United Kingdom-based charity promoting the development of new consumer crash test programs in emerging markets where vehicle growth is strong but independent information on the safety of vehicles is frequently not readily available.  

The partnership was founded in 2015, and enacts its agenda primarily through a series of global events where STC partners carry out technical demonstrations of crash avoidance technologies, present research and make the case for local governments and regulatory authorities to adopt higher safety standards.

"Our goal at ITT has always been to bring cutting-edge, material-science technology to everyone behind the wheel, enhancing safety, performance and comfort for drivers the world over," said Martinotto, "Being part of this partnership is an excellent opportunity to take that vision one step further with influential partners everywhere."

"We welcome the inclusion of ITT to the Stop the Crash Partnership, said David Ward, Chairman of the Stop the Crash Partnership. "Automotive safety technologies have the potential to save thousands of lives, and through our work we are speeding up the legislative process and increasing consumer awareness to ensure that these technologies are not only made available but standardized on new vehicles. ITT's expertise will be a strong addition to Stop the Crash and will no doubt help us to continue to build upon the success of the partnership to date."