What is RSS?

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is an XML-based format for content distribution. ITT offers several RSS feeds for use in news readers and web browsers. These feeds include titles and short descriptions of the latest news from ITT with links to the full release. RSS feeds are free and ITT currently uses RSS 2.0.

How to access RSS Feeds

There are a number of ways to access RSS feeds. You can install a news reader (such as Newz Crawler, FeedDemon, Newsfire and NetNewsWire) that displays RSS feeds from the websites you select, enabling you to view hundreds of headlines at once. After installing the news reader, you can add each feed manually from the website by clicking on the "Subscribe" or the "XML" orange button next to the feed.

An alternative to downloading a dedicated news reader is to use a Web browser as your news reader. For example Opera, Apple's Safari and Mozilla's Firefox browsers have RSS readers built-in and allow you to bookmark your favorite feeds.

Another alternative is to use a Web-based news reader. For example, My Yahoo! or My AOL users can now add RSS feeds directly to their personal page.

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