We are a three-billion-dollar manufacturer of critical, engineered components that serve fast-growing end markets in transportation, flow, energy, aerospace and defense. Our company’s differentiation is sustained through a combination of several factors, including execution, the quality of our leadership and our people.

Through our people
we make an enduring impact on the world

We are committed every day to reflecting our core principles. These principles not only enhance our ability to achieve our purpose, they also define our high-performing culture and help us deliver on our ambitious growth strategy.

Around the world, we have a clear vision of where key industries are headed and how we can help customers reach their goals by thinking our way around obstacles, creating solutions and finding answers to complex technical and engineering challenges.

Our customers rely on our expertise to create better products to serve their customers and at the same time increase uptime and energy efficiency in their manufacturing operations.

We produce our wide range of innovative products and solutions through three operating segments: Industrial Process, Motion Technologies, and Connect and Control Technologies.

Within these businesses, our 10,000 team members serve customers in approximately 125 countries around the globe and are outstanding ambassadors for our well-known and long-standing product brands, which include Goulds and Bornemann pumps, KONI shock absorbers, Cannon connectors and Enidine energy absorption components, to name a few.

We strive to make our work environment inclusive and welcoming. By encouraging a healthy, high-performing culture and by making our customers central to everything we do, we create an atmosphere that enhances innovation and the success of our talented employees.

Together, our purpose and principles guide our words and actions every day and are truly touchstones that unite employees across ITT as we aim to develop solutions to complex challenges and make a positive and enduring impact.