Product Stewardship

We consider product safety early in the design process and are committed to responsible product distribution and disposal.

Our product stewardship includes responsible product design, distribution and disposal as well as standards for our suppliers and a policy on conflict minerals.
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Responsible Product Design

The ITT product safety program ensures that engineers and designers consider safety early in the product development process, both from a manufacturing and product usage standpoint. Product safety review boards are active at our design centers worldwide.

Responsible Product Distribution

ITT ships products to customers around the world, and we work to ensure that we are doing so in efficient and ecologically responsible ways. In the United States, we partner with EPA-certified SmartWay℠ carriers who use strategies such as no-idling policies and a combination of truck and rail to ship goods.

Responsible Product Disposal

Our responsibility doesn't end when our products leave the plant. We strive to service our equipment to maximize their life cycles and continually look for new ways to recycle materials.

Supplier Standards

ITT maintains a Supplier Code of Conduct clearly outlining what we expect from all of our commercial suppliers. Suppliers are expected to adhere to our Code of Conduct, and comply with all laws and regulations governing their specific businesses.

Conflict Minerals

ITT, along with governments, NGOs, the investment community and other corporations, is concerned with potential human rights violations, such as forced labor, human trafficking, child labor and the role armed conflicts may play in such violations in the countries in which we do business.   As such we are committed to complying with the requirements of the Dodd-Frank Act and the Conflict Minerals (“CM”) Regulations.  ITT is committed to responding to customer requests for information about the tin, tungsten, tantalum and/or gold (“3TG”) contents of ITT products, and assisting ITT customers in complying with their own reporting obligations under the Dodd-Frank Act and the CM Regulations.

ITT will not knowingly manufacture products with raw materials or components containing 3TG that finance Armed Groups involved in the conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo or Adjoining Countries.

ITT expects its business dealings with suppliers and contractors to be based on fairness, honesty, lawfulness, safety, environmental stewardship and social consciousness, including respect for human rights.

See ITT’s Conflict Mineral policy and ITT’s 2022 SEC Form SD filing.