To our Suppliers

At ITT, we have a goal of attaining premier performance in everything we do. In other words, we are committed to making the continuous improvement required to perform in-line with the best global companies in our peer group.

As extensions of our supply chain, we seek suppliers who share this vision of premier performance and continuous improvement.

ITT is a multi-industry organization, but we are committed to doing business with suppliers as one company. Central to our success is the company's Global Supply Chain organization, a globally deployed corporate team of sourcing, procurement, logistics, supplier development and quality professionals.

As current or potential suppliers to ITT, it is important to know how the organization works, how to integrate into our processes and, in general, to understand the expectations of suppliers engaged with our company. The information contained within this portion of our website should provide a good starting point for gaining that understanding.

ITT's expectations can best be summarized as:

  • Suppliers highly value their relationship with ITT and thus afford ITT the business terms consistent with their very best customers. 
  • Suppliers share ITT's dedication to continuous improvement — improvement that reaches the "bottom line" and continues to improve year-over-year. 
  • Suppliers will conduct themselves in a fair and open manner, and together we strive to "do the right thing always" with respect to business conduct, ethics and corporate citizenship. 
  • Together, ITT and our suppliers can enjoy wonderful growth. We look forward to our suppliers joining our "journey".

For more information, view the ITT Code of Conduct and ITT's Supplier Code of Conduct.

Supplier Diversity

In support of ITT's Inclusion and Diversity Commitment, ITT sources materials and services from a diverse base of global suppliers. While we are tightening our supply chain to achieve maximum efficiencies with world-class suppliers who can serve multiple ITT businesses, we also realize that supplier diversity will help us remain competitive in the global marketplace.