Why Invest in ITT?

At ITT, we drive successful long-term growth and value creation by producing highly engineered and customized technologies for customers in key global markets including transportation, industrial and energy.

Our journey has been driven by a focus on expanding our markets, optimizing our execution and deploying our capital in a balanced and effective way, while building a winning culture. Our success has been underpinned by our portfolio, which has strength and durability, balance and diversity, whether it’s by business mix, geography or end market. In addition, the key end markets we serve are aligned with enduring, global growth drivers including a growing middle class, urbanization, energy efficiency, automation and resource scarcity.

ITT is also unique due to the talent and contributions of our global employee base of about 9,400 in 35 countries, who are committed to leveraging our principles of Impeccable character, Bold thinking and Collective know-how to solve the most difficult problems faced by our customers and partners, and giving back to the communities we serve.

For more information on how we "Solve It," we welcome you to browse our latest financial reports, news and publications.