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ITT's Sustainability Journey

Thursday, 4 Apr 2019

ITT's Sustainability Journey

What do ITT's product innovation, energy reduction efforts and global partnerships have in common? They each are highlighted in ITT's latest Sustainability Report.

The report is divided into three sections:
1. Corporate Governance, Risk Management and Ethics,
2. Environmental Stewardship and Innovation, and
3. Culture, People and Practices.

Each section of the report highlights a sampling of ITT's collective achievements in recent years.
For example;
  • ITT's pump and motion flow business produces a twin screw pump that helps the oil industry eliminate methane flaring when processing multiphase mixtures of liquids and gases. This benefits our customers by improving production efficiency, reducing emissions and helping customers comply with government regulations.
  • Our connect and interconnect solutions technologies business in our Orchard Park plant installed new energy-efficient LED lighting that reduced annual greenhouse gas emissions by 21 metric tons, and the Irvine office increased servicing of its air conditioning units, which lessens HVAC run times and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 25 metric tons per year.
  • Our Motion Technologies business actively partners with Stop the Crash, a global non-profit organization which promotes automotive crash-avoidance technologies and works to reduce road traffic fatalities worldwide. Our support helps the organization promote key crash-avoidance technologies in an effort to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal of halving the number of global traffic deaths and injuries by 2020.

The report also recognizes that we have more work to do to "UP our game." In his opening letter, ITT CEO and President Luca Savi outlines the principles we will follow in the next phase of our journey:
  • Building an enhanced sustainability approach that is tailored to our Value Centers.
  • Focusing on using our innovative thinking to create technologies that offer environmental benefits and help customers achieve their sustainability goals.
  • Ensuring we have an organization and culture that effectively drives our strategy.

"Given the diverse nature of our businesses and their global reach, they each have unique operations, processes and needs," Luca said. "We will ensure that we establish practical Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) priorities aligned with what drives the most value for each site and region."

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Posted: 4/4/2019

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