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Five Words You Won't Hear in the Ultrasound Room: "I Think I See It."

Wednesday, 12 Dec 2018

Five Words You Won't Hear in the Ultrasound Room:

A European medical devices company had a vision. It wanted to build an ultrasound system that would deliver ultra-high-resolution images by giving doctors and technicians unmatched looks through the skin and into their patients' bodies. One critical component needed to achieve that vision was a connector capable of handling the high amount of data traffic required to reach the image goal.

That type of connector didn't exist anywhere on the market – until ITT created it.

A global team of ITT engineers and product developers worked closely with the customer to build a next-generation connector that nearly doubled the number of data-delivering pins from 260 to 440 and fit them all in the same small space as standard ultrasound connectors.

This Cannon QLC 440 miniature zero-insertion force (ZIF) connector retains all the desirable features of its predecessors: small size, light weight and extreme reliability. It's built to last at least 20,000 plug-in/pull-out mating cycles with no loss of performance. At the same time, its high pin count means that the ultrasound system is able to acquire images up to 200 times faster at 10 times the resolution of other systems.

With ITT's next-generation connector, ultrasound systems can better detect and characterize numerous pathologies, which reduces the need for invasive biopsies. In this way, it's making a positive difference in the work and lives of doctors, ultrasound technicians and, most importantly, patients.

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Posted: 12/12/2018

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