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ITT’s highly engineered control technologies protect bridges, infrastructure globally

Thursday, 6 Feb 2014

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y., Feb. 6, 2014 – With earthquakes an ever-present threat in many highly-populated areas of the world, today’s bridges and infrastructure require technologies that will help enhance their durability and survivability. To meet these global needs, ITT’s Control Technologies business manufactures energy absorption and vibration isolation devices that are part of a diverse product line of seismic technologies, including new solutions focused on power grid and transformer applications.

Through its Enidine brand, ITT offers a variety of viscous dampers and wire rope technologies that help protect its customers’ structures and systems from unwanted shock and vibration. Long- and short-stroke viscous dampers use both high- and low-pressure systems to help prevent structural failure of bridges, high-rise buildings, stadiums, city centers or other national assets in the event of an earthquake.

“Whether in infrastructure development in emerging markets or revitalization in more developed markets such as North America, ITT’s Control Technologies business has the capabilities to serve the unique needs of our global customers,” said Munish Nanda, president of ITT’s Control Technologies business. “As a trusted partner, we provide world-class technologies and leverage them to deliver optimal solutions that enhance the life and quality of a seismic damping solution.”

On bridges and highway systems, ITT’s Enidine brand dampers can be utilized during construction or in the revitalization of assets as upgrades take place to meet the latest highway standards.

“Specifically, low-pressure viscous dampers are well-suited for bridges where regular motion occurs at the viscous damper due to road vibrations and thermal expansion and contraction of the bridge,” said Jeff Weisbeck, commercial director for ITT’s Enidine brand. “These dampers are also designed to operate in varied temperature extremes and include features that allow easy inspection and preventive maintenance.”

In addition, ITT’s Control Technologies business is developing new solutions for other critical applications, including power grids and transformers, where the impact of disruption and failure of critical services is high. These seismic base isolation systems consist of viscous dampers and complementary isolator technology that provide a premier solution that helps protect critical assets from damage due to a seismic event.

ITT’s Enidine brand is both AS 9100 and ISO 9001 certified to meet the stringent quality standards demanded by customers across a broad range of markets. For more information on solutions for bridges and infrastructure, go to