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ITT to sponsor engineering talent development program in China

Thursday, 16 Jan 2014

Collaboration with local partners will build platform for growth and success of industry

WUXI, China, Jan. 16, 2014 – ITT Corporation (NYSE: ITT) announced today plans to sponsor an engineering talent development program in China working in cooperation with local partners, including Science and Technology Daily and TusPark Co. Ltd. The program will focus on accelerating the development of the engineering and manufacturing industry by cultivating China’s engineering technology talent, improving research and development capabilities, and enhancing the quality of micro and small enterprises.

The program will include both an education program and innovation competition. Both initiatives will be focused on cooperatively sharing knowledge and best practices that give students additional opportunities to receive integrated training and guidance about innovation and R&D. Through the development of this platform, the partners expect to help improve the international competitiveness of China’s manufacturing and engineering industry.

“As a diversified leading manufacturer, ITT has a long history in China and has been part of the rapid development of the Chinese economy and industry,” said Denise Ramos, ITT chief executive officer and president. “ITT will bring its leading manufacturing technologies, as well as best practices developed over a century of operation, to build an international platform for the growth and success of the new generation of talent in the engineering industry.”

Jing Yang, the League Secretary of Science and Technology Daily said: “With the purpose of supporting the growth of young engineers in China and developing small and medium engineering businesses, the ITT Engineering Talent Development Program in China will create an international communication and cultivation system based on the integration of production, education, research and application. By fully leveraging the “think tanks” – such as entrepreneurs, scholars and media – we aim to provide Chinese young engineers and small and medium engineering businesses with a global vision and market vitality under the circumstances where China is undergoing economic transformation and the upgrade of manufacturing industries.”

Quanhong Shen, general manager for TusPark Co. Ltd said: “Modern manufacturing is playing a more crucial role in the Chinese economy and the implementation of this project will stimulate the creativity of our engineering manufacturing talent. Through this partnership and TusPark’s advanced and mature platform, the transformation of scientific and technological achievement will be accelerated and the development of modern manufacturing will be boosted by the power of science.”