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ITT's Cannon Brand Introduces High-Performance ARINC 801 Fiber Optic Connector Series

Tuesday, 7 Feb 2017

End-to-end solution provides highly customizable connectors, termini and cable harnesses, enabling reliable high-speed data transmission in commercial and military aerospace and shipboard applications

IRVINE, Calif., Feb. 7, 2017 – ITT Inc.'s (NYSE:ITT) Cannon brand has introduced its ARINC 801 Fiber Optic Connector Series, a high-bandwidth interconnect solution that provides maximum performance and reliability for commercial and military aviation, and shipboard systems.

Designed for harsh environments that require high-speed and accurate data transfer, Cannon's ARINC 801 series offers robust interconnects that operate at transmission speeds of 10 gigabits/sec (Gb/S) and higher, making them a perfect fit for in-flight entertainment and connectivity (IFEC), commercial and military avionics, ground-based communications and shipboard navigation.

"ITT Cannon's comprehensive ARINC 801 Fiber Optic Connector Series is designed to meet and exceed the increasing need for high-speed, secure and reliable data transmission in the aerospace and defense industry, withstanding harsh and demanding conditions," said Tom Cruz, vice president and general manager of aerospace and defense for ITT's Interconnect Solutions business. "Our fast, lightweight ARINC 801 series enables ever-increasing bandwidths in modern commercial and military systems."

"Our complete fiber optic manufacturing services include testing, inspection and polishing, as well as complex assembly of a variety of cable constructions," said Diana Jenkins, Cannon's fiber optics product manager.

The Series' versatility allows for use in multiple applications, featuring a scoop-proof connector design that offers alternative keying position, and end-finishes in both APC and PC singlemode and multimode configurations. Termini are available in Pull-Proof and Non-Pull-Proof types, providing a low loss, genderless solution for plug and receptacle applications. For easy and convenient field cleaning, the alignment sleeve is removable. Cannon's Size #16 Termini also fully comply with ARINC 801 requirements.

ITT Cannon's ARINC 801 Fiber Optic Solutions include the following:
  • Cannon's ARINC 801 Termini
  • ARC 38999 Series III with ARINC 801 Inserts
  • Alignment Sleeve Retainer (ASR)
  • BKA Rack & Panel Connectors with ARINC 801 ASR and cable harnesses

Custom connector solutions and RoHS compliant part numbers are also available. Visit for more information.