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ITT Enidine Showcases Adaptive Vibration Control Technology at AHS Forum 75

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

New adaptive vibration control technology serves as an intermediate solution in rotorcraft industry between active and passive systems

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y., May 7, 2019 – ITT Inc. (NYSE: ITT) and its Enidine brand will showcase its new adaptive vibration control technology solutions at AHS Forum 75, May 13-16, in Philadelphia. The company will demonstrate its comprehensive technologies in Booth #217.

"With extensive expertise in vibration control technology, ITT Enidine product lines are continually expanding to provide our customers with unique solutions for applications on military and commercial rotorcraft programs," said Farrokh Batliwala, president of ITT's Connect and Control Technologies business. "We have leveraged our core competencies in vibration control systems to bring a new intermediate, right-sized adaptive control technology to market. We are excited to enter this field and provide an alternative solution for select control systems requiring less complexities compared to more costly active systems commonly found in rotorcraft platforms."

ITT Enidine designs, tests and manufactures a comprehensive selection of motion control, energy absorption and vibration isolation products that meet a wide range of rotorcraft applications that improve the safety and in-flight experience for passengers and crew.

"Our entry into the adaptive vibration control technology field provides rotorcraft customers with a cost-effective solution to the current active systems in the global marketplace," said Mark Ott, Principle Engineer, ITT Enidine. "We have been working to develop this new patent pending technology for several years, tapping into our expertise in proven legacy technologies within our line of actuators. By joining forces and collaborating across business units within ITT, we have leveraged our different levels of expertise in vibration control technology and mechanical systems to develop and demonstrate this new intermediate solution for rotorcraft OEMs."

At AHS Forum 75, ITT Enidine will also showcase a patent pending adaptive Frahm demonstrator, that will provide an interactive experience of noise and vibration that affect rotorcraft. The company will highlight its latest technologies, including:
  • Enidine's Frahm dampers: dynamically tuned vibration absorbers used on rotorcraft airframes and rotors to reduce vibration and increase comfort for pilots and passengers. The highly engineered Frahm dampers are precisely tuned to resonate at the same frequency as the rotorcraft components, absorbing and counteracting undesirable vibration throughout the aircraft.

ITT representatives will be available for meetings in Booth #217 throughout the show. Ott will speak about the adaptive Frahm technology, "Adaptive Frahm for Variable-Speed Rotor Helicopters," on Thursday, May 16 at 8:00 a.m. For more information, please visit:

About ITT

ITT is a diversified leading manufacturer of highly engineered critical components and customized technology solutions for the transportation, industrial, and oil and gas markets. Building on its heritage of innovation, ITT partners with its customers to deliver enduring solutions to the key industries that underpin our modern way of life. ITT is headquartered in White Plains, NY, with employees in more than 35 countries and sales in a total of approximately 125 countries. The company generated 2018 revenues of $2.75 billion.

About ITT's Connect and Control Technologies Business

ITT's Connect and Control Technologies business designs and manufactures harsh-environment connectors and critical energy absorption, motion, flow and environmental control components. Through leading brands such as Aerospace Controls, BIW Connector Systems, Cannon, Compact, Conoflow, Enidine, Neo-Dyn and Veam, the business serves customers in the aerospace, defense, infrastructure, energy, automation, transportation and industrial markets.


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