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ITT Enidine to Showcase RoHS-Compliant Wire Rope Isolator, Competitive Shock and Vibration Solutions at 2020 WEST Conference

Monday, 2 Mar 2020

ITT Enidine is a leading provider of military and defense technologies and is known for setting standards for quality, affordability and meeting elevated compliance targets.

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y., March 2, 2020 – ITT Inc.'s (NYSE: ITT) Enidine brand will showcase its comprehensive portfolio of shock and vibration isolation solutions, now with elevated compliance standards, at the 2020 WEST Conference at Booth 709 in San Diego, Calif., March 2-3.

Long trusted for their market-leading performance and reliability for critical military and defense applications, Enidine's Wire Rope Isolators are now fully RoHS-compliant—demonstrating a commitment to continued innovation and meeting the needs of its vast customer base. In addition to its Wire Rope Isolators, Enidine will showcase its complete portfolio of shock and vibration isolation solutions, which includes off-the-shelf and fully customizable options.

"At Enidine, our customers rely on us for energy absorption and vibration isolation solutions designed for the most demanding defense applications," said Mark Gilson, Business Development Manager, Enidine. "We're proud to now offer a more environmentally conscious product that delivers the same unmatched performance and reliability our customers expect. For the past 50 years, we have delivered the highest level of service and partnership, with highly engineered solutions to meet customers' specific needs."

Enidine's Wire Rope products and High Energy Rope Mount (HERM) Isolators protect 810G and 901E grade equipment, minimizing high levels of equipment shock and vibration for increased protection, performance and product longevity. Both HERM and Wire Rope products combine shock absorption and vibration isolation technologies into a single solution for maximum value.

ITT Enidine will showcase the following shock and vibration isolation solutions at WEST 2020:
  • HERM Isolators are manufactured using wire rope isolators overmolded with highly damped elastomer, for a fail-safe design with a wider load range capability than standard wire rope isolators. During molding, the wire rope is forced into a more elliptical shape, offering improved tension deflection capability and less compression than wire rope isolators. The additional damping and tension deflection capability results in lower shock response accelerations. HERM isolators are integrated into several naval applications including navy cabinet isolation and rafted deck systems, radar systems, weapons and vehicles.
  • Wire Rope Isolators are constructed with stainless-steel cable and aluminum retaining bars to attenuate shock and vibration, protecting electronics and equipment. The all-metal construction ensures they are completely unaffected by oil, chemicals, abrasives, ozone or temperature extremes. Now RoHS-compliant, Enidine's Wire Rope Isolators are more environmentally conscious, without compromising performance or reliability.
  • SKID Isolators are designed to protect and ensure the performance of equipment within critical systems. These large displacement isolators provide shock and vibration isolation under a wide range of environmental conditions and enable safe transport of missiles by land or air using a unique elastomeric technology. The U.S. Navy's Helios laser weapons system relies on a combination of SKID isolators and HERMs to protect this high-impact, triple-threat defense system.
  • Shock Isolator Double Acting Spring (SIDAS) solutions are designed, developed and patented by Enidine. The SIDAS design combines a preloaded mechanical spring to provide static preload forces with a low-pressure hydraulic damper to provide dynamic damping forces.

WEST is co-sponsored by AFCEA International and the U.S. Naval Institute. It's the only event that brings platform makers and technology designers together to network, discuss and demonstrate their solutions in one location.

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