Building an Inclusive Culture

At ITT, our people are our greatest strength and this is why we believe in a culture that fosters a sense of community and belonging. We're committed to creating an environment that allows our employees to thrive and grow — personally and professionally.
ITT employees around the globe enable us to innovate and solve some of our customers’ and the world’s most challenging problems. We proudly promote a diverse and inclusive workplace for all existing and prospective employees. It is an investment in our people, our communities and our business.

Our goal is to help each ITTer reach their full potential by providing opportunities for training and professional development throughout their career with us. We also strive to ensure every person feels valued and appreciated for the contributions they make to our organization. An important part of our appreciation is recognizing important milestones or achievements by both individuals and teams.

By embracing our differences, we have a culture of belonging that encourages ITTers to be upstanders rather than bystanders which helps us drive positive change within our company and in the communities within which we operate.

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Our Guiding Principles

Outstanding performance is key to our success. As in a decathlon, winning is based on performance in 10 events. These 10 core practices help guide everything we do – how we think, how we act, and how we win.



I put others first. I want to be better and help others do better. I am here to serve all stakeholders. It’s who I am.


There is dignity in my job and in what I do. I am dedicated, and others count on me to get the job done and done right.



I go deep to understand our business and people. This is one way that I show that I care and that I am not superficial.



I have the curiosity and drive to transform our business. My passion and energy inspire others to embrace change and renew for the better.



I always keep it simple. I analyze, discuss, and then act. I do not need to wait for the full picture; 80/20 will do. I will make mistakes, but I will learn from them.



I am on a journey of continuous improvement. Progress energizes me. I celebrate successes and focus even more on the opportunities ahead.



I tell the truth, am candid, and face reality. I acknowledge when things go wrong, share information openly and proactively, and find solutions.



I support meritocracy openly. I reward behaviors and results based on consistently applied and transparent criteria. I am fair and inclusive.



I am genuine, sincere, and always learning. I advocate for my ideas, while listening to others, trying new things, and supporting the best solutions.



I own it. Period. All the time, every day, and in all that I do, I live unprecedented ownership.