ITT solutions in aerospace and defense

Aerospace and Defense

ITT is a leader in designing, developing and manufacturing mission-critical lightweight and reliable solutions that aerospace engineers demand and passengers and flight crews deserve.

With more than 90 years of tradition, Axtone is an expert in impact energy absorption technology. Across mission-critical applications including defense, industrial, rail, automotive, heavy vehicle and power generation, operators demand the highest standards for safety, durability and performance and trust Axtone to design and deliver customized energy absorption components and solutions.

Whether delivering critical specs to aircraft pilots, providing charging solutions for electric vehicles, streaming data for mission-critical defense applications or giving expectant parents a first look at their unborn children, connector solutions from Cannon connect important information with those who need it in industries such as medical and pharmaceutical, defense, auto and heavy vehicle, industrial and aerospace.

Whether protecting structures from seismic events, preventing mechanical shock in automated and storage retreival systems, or providing noise abatement in passenger aircraft, Enidine has unique product solutions to meet these critical challenges. For close to 60 years, Enidine has produced highly engineered energy absorption and vibration isolation components such as shock absorbers, rate controls,  air springs, wire rope isolators and heavy duty buffers for critical end-markets including, robotics, food and beverage, general industrial, oil and gas, automotive, military and commerical aviation.

With over 90 years of aerospace technology development, Aerospace Controls is leading the way in design, engineering and manufacturing of top-of-the-line actuators, fluid control devices and environmental control systems for the aerospace and defense industries. We strive to continuously offer new, cutting-edge products that set us apart and make us a leader in the global aerospace technology markets.

KONI is recognised globally as an intelligent company developing suspension solutions unique for every application. Since revolutionizing the suspension industry with the invention of the first adjustable hydraulic shock absorber, KONI continues to serve and solve customers’ toughest suspension challenges.

KONI develops specialized shock absorbers for markets including automotive, defense, rail and heavy vehicle. KONI products are developed using highest quality, durable materials, which exceed the requirements needed for comfort, safety and handling performance. Innovations continue to drive the company forward such as our automotive innovations like the patented mechanical technology, the FSD (Frequency Selective Damping) valve, or our latest Heavy Duty innovation, the HYDRORIDE suspension range.

For over 40 years Micro-Mode Products has provided the military, aerospace and commercial industries with an extensive portfolio of standard or custom RF and Hermetic solutions including adapters, blindmate, threaded, and cable assemblies. Our US manufacturing facility offers complete in-house manufacturing capabilities including engineering and design services, a plating lab, and glass to metal sealing operations.