ITT Solutions in Automotive


ITT brings decades of experience in research, development and manufacturing to the world of transportation with safety, performance and control technologies and solutions.

With more than 90 years of tradition, Axtone is an expert in impact energy absorption technology. Across mission-critical applications including defense, industrial, rail, automotive, heavy vehicle and power generation, operators demand the highest standards for safety, durability and performance and trust Axtone to design and deliver customized energy absorption components and solutions.

Conoflow designs and manufactures low and high pressure regulators, filter regulators, positioners, transducers, actuators and diaphragm seals in a wide variety of materials and configurations to meet a broad range of industrial process control applications worldwide. Complimenting this industrial product lineup is an extensive range of innovative products focused on alternative fuel sources, such as an environmentally-friendly compressed natural gas (CNG) regulator.

With the increased use of robotics and the drive toward greater automation, industrial manufacturers increasingly require powerful, durable and highly configurable motion control products. Compact Automation delivers innovative components such as air cyliders, grippers, slides and actuators needed to solve complex problems in general industrial,  food and beverage, material handling, oil and gas, and automotive applications.

KONI is recognised globally as an intelligent company developing suspension solutions unique for every application. Since revolutionizing the suspension industry with the invention of the first adjustable hydraulic shock absorber, KONI continues to serve and solve customers’ toughest suspension challenges.

KONI develops specialized shock absorbers for markets including automotive, defense, rail and heavy vehicle. KONI products are developed using highest quality, durable materials, which exceed the requirements needed for comfort, safety and handling performance. Innovations continue to drive the company forward such as our automotive innovations like the patented mechanical technology, the FSD (Frequency Selective Damping) valve, or our latest Heavy Duty innovation, the HYDRORIDE suspension range.


As manufacturers reach new heights in the performance and efficiency of their products, they also reach for partners with extensive industry knowledge in developing innovative materials – which has made Wolverine a trusted global supplier in the automotive and heavy vehicle, industrial, and oil and gas sectors.