ITT Solutions in Chemical


Whether managing corrosive substances or complex manufacturing processes, ITT has a track record for increasing reliability, reducing downtime and focusing on safety as a leading manufacturer of pumps handling the world’s most challenging chemical processes.

From seawater to heavy fuel, the properties of media being conveyed through ITT Bornemann pumps vary widely by viscosity, pressure, volume and temperature. With numerous ground-breaking pump developments over the decades, ITT Bornemann provides proven pumping solutions for customers in industries including chemical, food &beverage, oil  & gas and medical & pharmaceutical for nearly any conveyed media.

Whether handling delicate biopharmaceutical compounds, corrosive and erosive chemicals, or the most abrasive mining slurry, manufacturers require industrial valve solutions that solve their unique challenges. With more than 60 years of building innovative and reliable valves, ITT Engineered Valves has the right valve solution for the most critical applications, with proven performance in various industries including chemical processing, food & beverage, industrial process, mining, oil & gas, power generation, and medical & pharmaceutical.

Since the debut of the first all-metal pump in the mid-1800s, the pump engineers at ITT Goulds Pumps have worked closely with industries worldwide to develop the innovative pump products and technologies required by their demanding applications. ITT Goulds Pumps is a world leader in hydraulics, materials science, mechanical design, fluid dynamics and green energy – with extensive experience in nearly every type of driver, bearing, seal, piping and nozzle configuration, flange and baseplate design to meet most pump application needs in sectors including chemical, food & beverage, industrial process, mining, oil & gas, and power generation.

Valves & Actuators that perform in demanding applications, has been our legacy since 1949. Our heavy-duty products are designed and manufactured using the expertise and knowledge that we have created with our customers and by innovating to solve their ever-developing challenges. Superior performance, best-of-breed designs, meeting and certifying for the most demanding industry standards, and durability with minimal maintenance is what our products provide. with our close technical support and engineering cooperation, leaders in multiple demanding industries are speccing our valves, actuators, and valve automation solutions in their products and systems.

A specialist in corrosion and wear resistant materials, Rheinhütte Pumpen has a 160-year heritage and is regarded as a leading provider of highly engineered pumps suited for the handling of some of the world’s most aggressive media. With more than 20 different pump types, Rheinhütte’s solutions serve specialty applications for the chemical, mining, renewable energy and refinery processes and include solutions for sulfuric acid, molten sulfur, fertilizer and chlorine-alkali electrolysis production among others.