ITT Industrial Solutions


ITT has an extensive portfolio of leading-edge technology in pumping and control systems, valves and services for the oil and gas, mining, chemical, power generation, biopharmaceutical and general industries markets.

With more than 90 years of tradition, Axtone is an expert in impact energy absorption technology. Across mission-critical applications including defense, industrial, rail, automotive, heavy vehicle and power generation, operators demand the highest standards for safety, durability and performance and trust Axtone to design and deliver customized energy absorption components and solutions.

From seawater to heavy fuel, the properties of media being conveyed through ITT Bornemann pumps vary widely by viscosity, pressure, volume and temperature. With numerous ground-breaking pump developments over the decades, ITT Bornemann provides proven pumping solutions for customers in industries including chemical, food &beverage, oil  & gas and medical & pharmaceutical for nearly any conveyed media.

Whether delivering critical specs to aircraft pilots, providing charging solutions for electric vehicles, streaming data for mission-critical defense applications or giving expectant parents a first look at their unborn children, connector solutions from Cannon connect important information with those who need it in industries such as medical and pharmaceutical, defense, auto and heavy vehicle, industrial and aerospace.

With the increased use of robotics and the drive toward greater automation, industrial manufacturers increasingly require powerful, durable and highly configurable motion control products. Compact Automation delivers innovative components such as air cyliders, grippers, slides and actuators needed to solve complex problems in general industrial,  food and beverage, material handling, oil and gas, and automotive applications.

Conoflow designs and manufactures low and high pressure regulators, filter regulators, positioners, transducers, actuators and diaphragm seals in a wide variety of materials and configurations to meet a broad range of industrial process control applications worldwide. Complimenting this industrial product lineup is an extensive range of innovative products focused on alternative fuel sources, such as an environmentally-friendly compressed natural gas (CNG) regulator.

Whether handling delicate biopharmaceutical compounds, corrosive and erosive chemicals, or the most abrasive mining slurry, manufacturers require industrial valve solutions that solve their unique challenges. With more than 60 years of building innovative and reliable valves, ITT Engineered Valves has the right valve solution for the most critical applications, with proven performance in various industries including chemical processing, food & beverage, industrial process, mining, oil & gas, power generation, and medical & pharmaceutical.

Whether protecting structures from seismic events, preventing mechanical shock in automated and storage retreival systems, or providing noise abatement in passenger aircraft, Enidine has unique product solutions to meet these critical challenges. For close to 60 years, Enidine has produced highly engineered energy absorption and vibration isolation components such as shock absorbers, rate controls,  air springs, wire rope isolators and heavy duty buffers for critical end-markets including, robotics, food and beverage, general industrial, oil and gas, automotive, military and commerical aviation.

Since the debut of the first all-metal pump in the mid-1800s, the pump engineers at ITT Goulds Pumps have worked closely with industries worldwide to develop the innovative pump products and technologies required by their demanding applications. ITT Goulds Pumps is a world leader in hydraulics, materials science, mechanical design, fluid dynamics and green energy – with extensive experience in nearly every type of driver, bearing, seal, piping and nozzle configuration, flange and baseplate design to meet most pump application needs in sectors including chemical, food & beverage, industrial process, mining, oil & gas, and power generation.

Valves & Actuators that perform in demanding applications, has been our legacy since 1949. Our heavy-duty products are designed and manufactured using the expertise and knowledge that we have created with our customers and by innovating to solve their ever-developing challenges. Superior performance, best-of-breed designs, meeting and certifying for the most demanding industry standards, and durability with minimal maintenance is what our products provide. with our close technical support and engineering cooperation, leaders in multiple demanding industries are speccing our valves, actuators, and valve automation solutions in their products and systems.


Neo-Dyn provides standard and custom compact adjustable switches, pressure switches, hazardous area switches, vacuum switches, and temperature switches for the global oil & gas, chemical process, and energy markets. Our leadership in designing high-performing, reliable, switch technologies such as our patented negative rate disc spring, has set the standard for the industry. Neo-Dyn’s commercial and industrial switches have the highest quality and most competitive pricing available in the industry. 


For owners and operators, equipment reliability and uptime is directly related to profitability. Leveraging vast experience, ITT PRO Services has a goal of improving the profitability of our customers in sectors including chemical, food & beverage, industrial process, mining, oil & gas, power generation, and medical & pharmaceutical by targeting the biggest issues of process uptime and energy costs and by monitoring equipment to help make crucial maintenance decisions before problems occur.

A specialist in corrosion and wear resistant materials, Rheinhütte Pumpen has a 160-year heritage and is regarded as a leading provider of highly engineered pumps suited for the handling of some of the world’s most aggressive media. With more than 20 different pump types, Rheinhütte’s solutions serve specialty applications for the chemical, mining, renewable energy and refinery processes and include solutions for sulfuric acid, molten sulfur, fertilizer and chlorine-alkali electrolysis production among others.


Svanehøj is a global leading specialist in handling critical liquids. We are set to make a difference and take pride in having the knowledge and solutions to develop a fast transition to a greener tomorrow.