At ITT we recognize the crucial role that solid Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) practices play in our success – not just today, but as we look to tomorrow and the future.
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ITT Sustainability
Our motto, "We Solve It," represents our commitment to delivering critical, customized solutions that create a lasting, beneficial impact on the world. Interwoven into our collective focus on developing forward-leading innovations are our sustainability practices, which are critical to the shared success of ITT and our stakeholders.

We approach sustainability with a focus on collaboration. Our team members thrive in an environment where "how" we get things done together is as impactful as "what" we do. Our customers trust us to partner with them to create products that solve their critical needs while also furthering their sustainability goals. And, we work closely with a variety of stakeholders to reflect their input as we evolve our governance and environmental standards in a way that drives continual progress.

We recognize the importance of sustainability and look forward to creating an even greater level of shared success. While we have made strides in our efforts through the years, we recognize there is still work to be done. We continue to look to the future, knowing that we are on a journey of betterment that will include making a more impactful difference at every step along the way.